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5 days ago

H144-Cain Apartment-Prospect-Land size-7135 sq.ft House size-5125sq.ft. This apartment has 10 bedrooms and bathrooms. Valued at $835,430.00

6 days ago

Robertson Land measures 26,410sq.ft . Selling at $5.50 p.s.f ($ 145,225.00)

2 months ago

Webster House located in Rockies ,has five (5) bedrooms three (3) bathrooms. House size is  2128 square feet while the land size is 6404 square feet. Valued at $325,000.00

2 months ago

BB209-Lewis Estate- Located in Pomsette (Calder) measuring 11,733 square feet selling at $10.00 Per square foot.

2 months ago

Bibby land located in South Wood (Fair Hall), measuring 5641 square feet selling at $8.00 per a square foot. Within walking distance of the fair hall playing field.

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